These decorated Honey “Bee” Containers are now available. Get yours today and watch your sales soar. Call our office today to place your order. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you. (864)476-6229
There is nothing like it on the market today. It is the absolute HOTTEST honey container available.

Finally, the container everybody has been waiting for, “BuzzyBee®“.

This container will sell your honey and deserves recognition. The Honey Bear container has been around for such a long time so I decided to invent a new character container that is in direct relation to the product being sold. All beekeepers and honey distributors alike are very excited to have a new marketing tool. All consumers are excited about having a Bee to squeeze their honey out of. After all, the Bee makes the honey. It goes to the flower, gathers the nectar, and takes it to the hive.

And now, through this NEW “BuzzyBee®” container, it can carry the honey from the hive to the tables all over the world. This marketing tool keeps recognition where it’s deserved, focused on the Bee. Which in turn helps the public to realize where the honey comes from, the Bee instead of the store.

There are some very special features that this container has to offer.

  • One of a kind original
  • Made of 100% low-density polyethylene, for an easier squeeze
  • Has a flat front and back panel for easier labeling
  • Can be used with flip-top or hi-flo caps, 38mm
  • Has a wide base for better stability

*Please know and understand that these are digital images of an original hand painted container and does not reflect the actual quality. These images are placed here for the sole purpose of giving you an idea of what the container will look like decorated on all four sides. If you have seen our containers you know they are of the best quality plastic available for this type of container. They are made with LDPE plastic and were designed and manufactured to last. Thank you for your interest in our Honey”BEE”Containers. Please let us know if you have questions on any of our products. We will be happy to assist you.


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